No Man's Sky gets a huge update- is it too late?


No Man's Sky gets a huge update- is it too late?

There's no way around the fact that No Man's Sky had a difficult birth. Mostly that's because it seemed to promise so much and in the end the experience just ended up feeling empty.

Still it was undeniably impressive from such a small team but it seems the folks at Hello Games aren't quite done with it yet. They've just released a major update that pretty much change the entire game.

It really is a comprehensive update, and you can see some of what's on offer here.

Creative mode sounds like fun to me, with fewer of the awkward limits which the original game presented. It really does sound like Hello Games listened to the criticisms, with areas like the HUD even being addressed.

You can build your own bases and make them look just how you want, to bring a little extra personality to your universe - and you can even get aliens to hellp you make weapons or farm things.

There are more details over on the official blog and the promise is that this is just the first step in making more and more changes to deliver on the promise. Fair play Hello Games!

No Man`s Sky gets a huge update- is it too late? on
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