No Man's Sky has a game-breaking glitch - Here's how to avoid it


No Man's Sky has a game-breaking glitch - Here's how to avoid it

The fear of being stranded in space is something that works of fiction have utilised for years. Now, No Man's Sky players are being faced with that reality.

There are reports popping up on Reddit of a glitch that could result in the game basically being over for you. It seems that the game's pre-order bonus doesn't play nice with the rest of the universe.

Players who pre-order the game get their hands on a ship with an extra inventory slot and - where problems arise - a hyperdrive, which allows for warping between star systems. However, acquiring blueprints for a hyperdrive is an invaluable part of the tutorial, and one that has come back to haunt some of those that chose to start with the pre-order bonus ship.

If they later decide to trade their ship for another, they could end up with a ship without the hyperdrive. Having skipped that part of the tutorial, they're unable to craft the necessary item and unless they can find a hyperdrive blueprint, they're stuck in that star system. One Reddit user, by the name of McBlurry, says that every ship they encounter is missing this valuable part. This resulted in them having to delete their save and start all over again.

Hello Games is yet to comment on this incident, but in the meantime you may want to hold off claiming that pre-order bonus until you get the blueprint for the hyperdrive.

No Man`s Sky has a game-breaking glitch - Here`s how to avoid it on
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