No Man's Sky will also feature traditional multiplayer experience


No Man's Sky will also feature traditional multiplayer experience
While No Man’s Sky’s universe will be quite vast, and potentially isolating, Hello Games confirmed that the title will feature a more traditional multiplayer experience as well.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray told Gamespot that there is a plan for people to experience multiplayer in a manner that they’re more used to and that the team plans to deal with it “down the line.” However, he said that it’s something that the team isn’t talking about just yet as it’s not “what’s core to the game right now.”

So far we’ve heard that players will be isolated when they begin their No Man’s Sky experience, but may come across other players on their travels. Murray said, “You can cross paths with other players. That’s just not a core component of the game.” The main objective is to get to the centre, but how they go about doing so, and how distracted they get, is up to the players.

It may prove tricky to link up with friends, as Murray explained, “You and your friends — you know, we’re doing the worst possible thing, probably — we’re gonna fling you out really far apart.”

No Man’s Sky is a title that we’re very excited about in its current guise. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 2015 to get our hands on it.

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