No Man's Sky's Universe Will Take 5 Billion Years To Explore


No Man's Sky's Universe Will Take 5 Billion Years To Explore
Those hoping to visit every planet in No Man’s Sky better start investing in technology to lengthen their lifespan dramatically and hope that the sun doesn’t burn out in the next five billion years. Hello Games estimates that it will take that long to spend one second on each of the planets in the game.

Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray told IGN that the game uses a 64-bit number to generate all the planets in the universe. This means that there are 18 quintillion planets, or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 to be more precise, to visit across No Man’s Sky’s universe.

The title previously used a 32-bit number, which would have offered a paltry four trillion trillion planets and players would have dispatched with that challenge in just four or five thousand years. Just as well Hello Games upped it then…

In No Man’s Sky, players will be dropped at the outskirts of the universe and must try to make their way to the centre. Getting there won’t be straightforward, as players will have to explore planets, gather resources, upgrade their ships and work together if they hope to survive. Exploring each and every planet in the game isn’t necessary and looks like it’s not a challenge you want to volunteer for in a hurry.

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