Notch is a 'Pouty Kid' - Cliff Bleszinski


Notch is a 'Pouty Kid' - Cliff Bleszinski
Anyone else think this is a bit ironic?

As the fallout from Oculus VR's acquisition by Facebook continues throughout the gaming world, the latest comments of note come from a man who's no stranger to the spotlight, former Epic Games developer Cliff Bleszinski.

Cliffy B, as he now no longer likes to be known (apparently), has gone on record to slate Minecraft creator Markus Persson for his decision to cancel work on an Oculus Rift-enabled version of Minecraft due to Facebook's new ownership of the company, and his distrust for them as an entity.

Writing on his official blog, Bleszinski launched into quite a long-winded speil about the takeover, and made sure to give his 2 cents on why he believes Notch was wrong to go about things the way he did...

Notch, your cancelling Minecraft makes you look like a pouty kid who is taking his ball and going home. It’s a bratty and petty move and it saddens me greatly.

Familiar with controversy, Bleszinski also seems to have quite a different take on the takeover to most, putting aside any issues he might harbour about Facebook and instead looking forward to where the huge financial investment made by the company could take VR technology...

When a company raises money from venture capitalists the end game IS acquisition. While it might have been interesting for a dedicated gaming company to purchase Oculus it might have ultimately limited their potential in regards to the myriad of things that the Rift is capable of. I want games, but I also want virtual tourism. PTSD treatment. End of life quality comfort care improvements. Treatment for a variety of fears. Architectural visualization. Pilot training. Scuba training. The list simply goes on, and on, and on. Start to imagine a VR experience that’s more social where you can sit, say, in a virtual IMAX with your best friends who all live in different cities and things start getting incredibly intriguing.

Let's be honest here, there was probably no need for Bleszinski to be quite as forward with his criticism of Persson, but maybe he has a point? For all the Facebook hatred out there (and we all know there's a lot of that), nobody knows for sure what the company is actually planning for Oculus. Perhaps it'll surprise us all and allow the boffins to get on with delivering on the promise of affordable, top quality VR and help push it to market faster (and cheaper?) than would otherwise have been possible?

We'll just have to wait and see...

Notch is a `Pouty Kid` - Cliff Bleszinski on
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