Oatmeal Exploding Kitty Card Game Explodes on Kickstarter


Oatmeal Exploding Kitty Card Game Explodes on Kickstarter

The internet likes cats. Some people like card games. EVERYONE likes explosions.

This is how genius happens.

This is Exploding Kittens.

It's the vision of that guy also known as The Oatmeal (Matthew Inman) as well as Xbox heads Elan Lee and Shane Small. Basically, you get a desk of cards and draw until you find a kitty who is heading to explodes-ville. Then you're out. Repeat until everyone has found an ex-kitty.

Naturally, that's not everything - you can find power ups which can protect you from ludicrous feline gibs, ones which let you skip a turn, etc. And there's lots of lovely art to look at in the meantime, with one of the perks being a NSFW desk top up that has nastier demises for the little furry freaks.

All in all, it's a pretty simple concept but with The Oatmeal's art style and his online influence it blew past the $10,000 funding goal in a matter of minutes. It's on track for $1.7 million right now.

Here's the cynical bit - they absolutely knew this was going to be a massive success and plugging over a million into a startup to produce a cheap card game isn't the most difficult thing in the world. That said, they're aiming to actually get the product out asap (as early as July 2015) which is a damn sight better than most Kickstarters.

They're also planning on introducing a bunch of stretch goals, and at least some of them better be already achieved by the time they annouce them or things are going to start smelling even more fishy.

Will you be buying into the exploding kitty crazy?!

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