Old saves won't work on Skyrim Remastered


Old saves won't work on Skyrim Remastered

Skyrim Remastered is coming soon, and it's going to give fans and newcomers alike a chance to play the most recent Elder Scrolls game with all manner of upgrades, including much prettier graphics and all the DLC included.

Developer Bethesda got a lot of attention for the announcement of the re-release at E3 2016 and it will certainly be interesting to see the epic, and frequently buggy, game making an appearance on current gen systems. But there is some bad news when it comes to save games.

Previously there had been some reports suggesting that you would be able to transfer save games from an old version of Skyrim, so long as you were sticking to the same platform - Xbox 360 to Xbox One, etc. It seems that's not the case.

It's actually quite an old Tweet but the information hasn't been mentioned around the web too much. We're going to go ahead and assume that this means PC porting will be allowed, which would make a lot of sense as it's essentially just the same game with some graphics upgrades.

So if you were planning on porting over your console versions then this is all bad news. Maybe you should try starting a new game on the PC, and just forget about the hundreds of hours you've already put into the game...

Skyrim Remastered is out on the 28th of October, 2016.

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