Only You Can Help Get Gaming Classic Outcast Remade


Only You Can Help Get Gaming Classic Outcast Remade

In 1999 Belgian developers Appeal released Outcast - an open world action/adventure title that was not only years ahead of its time in terms of scale and tech but also remains one of my defining video game experiences.

It's been a faintly terrifying 15 years since that classic descended on my brain and now the game is finally getting some long overdue attention. The original team has managed to regain the rights to the franchise and has set about bringing together a full HD reboot.That's exciting in and of itself but it also looks towards the possibility of a fully fledged sequel in the future.

Before all that, Outcast Reboot HD has to get off the ground, and that's where you come in. The project has been live on Kickstarter for a couple of weeks now and is foundering well short of its fairly ambitious $600,000 goal. The justficiation for this cost is that they're literally remaking an entire AAA game from scratch with a large team and there's a lot of pressure to deliver.

The goals are geniunely great, with plenty of physical items thrown in and the top tiers including all kinds of in-game credit - which will be a must for fans. And Creative Director Franck Sauer is keeping the updates rolling, including a recent video showing off the first gameplay footage from the new build.

Stretch goals include more areas and even missions dropped from the original game, plus the possibility of some development towards Outcast 2. Honestly, I couldn't be more excited about the possibility of an Outcast remake/sequel and I'll be pledging asap.

Head here for all the information and give them a few dollars!

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