Ooh La La! Assassin's Creed Set for Paris?


Ooh La La! Assassin's Creed Set for Paris?
Xbox One and PS4 Assassin's Creed title to tackle France...

After much speculation a leak seems to have brought the guessing game surrounding the location of the next Assassin's Creed title to an end - with an image showing a new Assassin in 18th century France. The game, allegedly one of two to be released this year (a last-gen title will also be releasing this winter according to sources), has been dubbed Unity, however it remains unconfirmed whether this will be the actual name of the game or is simply an internal project name being used by developers.

With just a handful of imagesto go on (which you can check out below courtesy of Kotaku), it would be a little too soon to be making any assumptions, but we'd expect to hear something official from Ubisoft in the coming weeks, in line with previous game announcements in the past.

Another rumour suggests that the game's new Assassin is named Arno, but no further information is known about the character. Given the apparent setting of the French Revolution, we'd expect Arno to encounter some of the better known historical features of the time, so history buffs may be in for a treat.

One final tidbit of information to be garnered from the leak is interesting "Parkour Up" and "Parkour Down" button scheme, said to be one of the major new features for the game. We've got absolutely no idea how they'll work, or even if they'll actually be in the final version (the leaked image is apparently from a very early build), but it's good to see Ubisoft making some changes to the core mechanics of the series and not resting on its laurels.

Assassin's Creed: Unity (if that's even what it'll be called) should be hitting a PS4, Xbox One and PC near you around the end of October or early November this year, but once Ubisoft has officially announced the game and confirmed the details, we'll let you know!

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