Pac-Man turned 35 and went into Space!


Pac-Man turned 35 and went into Space!

Pac-Man debuted in Japan on the 22nd of May 1980. In the game, you guided a little yellow thing around an arcade board, gobbling up pills and avoiding ghosts - unless you picked up some fruit then it was time to go on the hunt!

It's a simple idea but one that introduced a whole host of new concepts into gaming, and subsequently became one of the most globally recognisable popular culture characters ever. He's also set to hit the big screen this year in Pixels - where he kind of invades the planet Earth and only Adam Sandler can stop him...

Before all that though Pac-Man is celebrating in style by taking a little jaunt into outer space, which should mean he's ready for his return trip when Pixels comes out. Here's a video of how he got on during his climb tonearly 35,000 meters!

We really wanted to see what happened when the balloon burst!

Pac-Man will be in cinemas in Pixels from the 12th of August 2015.

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