Papers Please Confirmed for Vita Release


Papers Please Confirmed for Vita Release

Papers, Please was a real indie hit when it arrived on PC in 2013. Designed and created by former Naughty Dog dude Lucas Pope, it was all about the daily grind of working as an immigration officer in fictitious country of Arstotzka. You had to check every person's documentation as they go in, paying close attention for the clues that might make them a danger to your great nation.

It's a genius idea and the simple graphics and immersive gameplay caught the attention of gamers around the world. And now even more people will get drawn into this morally ambiguous world, as the game is set to make a transition to Vita.

Shahid Kamal Ahmad works atPlayStation Strategic Content and is basically one of the people responsible for deciding what games end up on Sony's platforms, so we take this tweet to mean exactly what it says

The Vita has found its niche as a home of great original and adapted indie titles and the touchscreen interface should work brilliantly with the paper-pushing gameplay of Papers, Please. It's not clear yet when it might arrive but expect more information soon.

Right now, you can get the game at a number of outlets so head to the official site for more information.

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