Play nice in League of Legends or face the consequences


Play nice in League of Legends or face the consequences

League of Legends will, from today, prevent players who display negative behaviours from playing in ranked matches.

Explaining the changes on the League of Legends forum, developer Riot explained Ranked Restrictions and how they will take effect. These restrict the in-game chat of negative players and prevent them from joining ranked matches until they play a set number of games in Normal Draft mode.

After these players complete their penance, Riot will perform a final evaluation to ensure that they have improved their in-game behaviour. If there is no improvement, they will continue to be restricted from playing ranked matches. Riot also warned that the most negative players who are Ranked Restricted at the end of the season will be ineligible to earn ranked end of season rewards such as the loading screen borders or Victorious Morgana champion skin.

The feature is being rolled out to live servers in North America and Europe now and Riot said that it will continue to add regions globally, depending on the results of the live test. One of the early responders, by the name of computo2000, warned that “Turning normal into a prisoner's island for offensive people isn't really going to help the whole community long-term.”

League of Legends’ community often has a reputation for negative behaviour, but Riot has been trying to turn this around. The developer produced videos dedicated to showing how positive players win more, but this more immediate and harsher measure may have more of an impact.

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Play nice in League of Legends or face the consequences on
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