Play Star Citizen for free right now


Play Star Citizen for free right now

Star Citizen is the ultimate video game blockbuster. This is a crowd funded project which wants to deliver an entire freaking universe to its backers, and has so far picked up a staggering $112 million to bring it to life.

Yep, that's well over 100 million quid without taking into account conventional funding practises which are also likely happening. Along the way, users have purchased entire digital armadas which they'll eventually be able to control when the game releases.

Well with more money comes more ambition and Star Citizen doesn't seem to be in any danger of releasing just yet. If you have been curious about what's on offer though there's another chance to play for free this week.

The Fly Free week runs until the 25th of April 2016 and will let players tool around in three craft - the Aurora LN, the F7C Hornet, and the Mustang Delta. You can do so in the main hub area called Crusader or test your skills in a single seat fighter in Arena Commander. There's also a look at the Social Module, which is where you'll get to meet other players.

At launch the game will also include even more modules, including a story driven first person shooter with a cast including Gary Oldman and Gillian Anderson. We told you it was big.

Star Citizen might launch in some form in 2016. We're not overly optimistic.

Get access to the Free Fly week here.

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