Play Star Citizen for free


Play Star Citizen for free

Star Citizen is nowhere near finished yet but when it is it will be the biggest space game ever made - which isn't surprising when you consider that real people have funded it to the tune of over $100 million dollars!

If you still don't know what it is, you'll have the chance to find out as a free section of the game is available to play right now until the 5th of February. This Free Fly access lets you play with three elements of the game:

Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.2 – Also known as Crusader or the “mini-PU,” this is the nucleus of the world we’re building! Featuring multiple space stations and environments, scripted missions, places to explore and more, Alpha 2.1.2 is your first look at a much larger universe!
Arena Commander – Arena Commander is a ‘game within a game’ that we’ve used to develop our flight mechanics and ship combat balance. Take on human opponents or an AI swarm in single seat fighter.
Social Module –
Interact with other players while you explore our first landing zone, ArcCorp! The Social Module is intended as a starting point for our world building,

You need an account to play but that's it - otherwise you can just do whatever you like in this huge universe. The news follows on from the release of the latest 2.1.1 patch and also before the main package splits into two. This means that Star Citizen and first person shooter single player element Squadron 42 will be available as standalone titles from the 14th of February - so it will cost more to buy them. If you pledge before that time you'll get access to both.

You can pledge for $55 at the lowest level and contribute to a tally that is up to $107 million at the time of writing. That includes over 1.2 million Star Citizens which is pretty alarming when you think about it. Base game packages go up to 400 quid, and you can buy loads of add ons with some pledging thousands of dollars to pre-build their fleet.

More info here.

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