Players Will Need to Unlock Destiny's Competitive Multiplayer


Players Will Need to Unlock Destiny's Competitive Multiplayer
Decision taken to prevent potential balancing issues...

When players boot Bungie's next title, Destiny, up for the first time on September 9th, they'll notice one option is conspicuously absent from the available gameplay modes. The studio has confirmed that gamers will need to unlock the title's competitive multiplayer mode, which may not go down too well in some camps, but the developer Tyson Green claims it's for the benefit of the user, and will help to prevent frustrating experiences due to a lack of character abilities right from the start.

The information has come to light following an interview with Eurogamer, where Green lifted the lid on some of Destiny's PvP details. When quizzed about the move to lock out competitive multiplayer at the start, Green said:

We found early on that people here in the studio, when they jumped on the game – these were people who were already really familiar with the game mechanics – they would roll a new character, play through the first mission then go right into PvP, and they would just get really beaten up by the other players because they didn’t have a super ability yet and they’d only got an auto rifle from the first mission.

And they said, ‘this is really awful, this is a terrible experience!’ And we said, ‘you’re right, we have to make sure that doesn’t really happen.'

So when your first character unlocks PvP, you’re a little bit further into the game. You’ve probably done one or two of the campaign missions, probably unlocked a special weapon and your super ability. And then once that’s happened we unlock it for all the characters on your account. Once you know how the game works, if you want to take a Hunter into PvP at level three, yeah, we’re okay with that. You know what the game is at that point, so that’s your decision to make.

It's hard to argue with the studio's logic, and the likelihood is that most players will opt to familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics before they dive straight into the competitive online play anyway, so it's unlikely to be as big a deal as the vocal minority will make out.

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