PlayStation 3 Games Showing Up on PS4 Store


PlayStation 3 Games Showing Up on PS4 Store
Could Sony be planning an unexpected PlayStation Now roll out?

Many PlayStation 4 users have been reporting the mysterious appearance of PlayStation 3 games in their PlayStation 4 stores. Some of the games noted to be showing up include the likes of The Last of Us, Far Cry 3, Dead Space 3, Grand Theft Auto V and Diablo III, however when users try to access any of the game information beyond the main tile, or add the games to their account, they are unsuccessful.

With Sony's closed beta testing of its forthcoming PlayStation Now service now well underway, many are beginning to speculate that these surprise listings could be part of a planned roll out of the streaming service to a much broader audience in the very near future.

Curiously, each of the games showing up in the PS4 store carry no list price, which would have gone a long way towards clarifying the ultimate functionality of the listings.

Sony has yet to make any official comment on the issue, but it's likely that they'll have to address it in the near future to prevent speculation from getting out of hand.

When PlayStation Now launches later this year in North America, it's set to bring online game streaming to the masses, with players able to rent or purchase titles from legacy systems, as well as contemporary ones, without the need for optical media or a huge download. Sony has reported that beta tests have been favourable, and recently rolled out improvements to speed up load times for those included in the small-scale testing.

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