Playstation 4 - Images Specs Pricing and Commentary


Playstation 4 - Images Specs Pricing and Commentary
Finally we get eyes on with Sony's latest
At Sony's E3 conference 2013, the world finally got a chance to see what the all new PlayStation 4 was going to look like when it hits your living room in a few short months time. And the answer is - slanty, boxy and a little bit beautiful.

With controller and new PS Eye
With controller and new PS EyeEnlarge Enlarge

The basic PS package (which runs €399) will include a 500 GB hard drive but won't feature the PS Eye, which will be available for an additional €49/$59. Additional controllers will also cost around the same, and the specs mention that the Dual Shock 4 also features a built in mono speaker. Which is interesting.

The PS Eye has been revamped and now includes two cameras at 1280x800 resolution with an aperture of f2.0 and an 85 degree field of range, meaning better low light performance and easier use in smaller rooms. It'll even be able to capture your movements in slow motion, up to 240fps at 320x192 and features vastly improved depth perception thanks to the two lenses.

As you can see, the rear of the PS4 features a power socket, an optical out for audio, a HDMI port, LAN port and an auxilary connector which is used for the PS Eye so it doesn't take up the existing USB ports.

And here they are, two front facing USB 3.0 sockets - which will mainly be used for charging your controller. And your PS Move. Which you'll definitely use all the time...

The basic dimensions are275 x 53 x 305mm, though that 'excludes largest projection' - presumably a refernce to the units oddly slanted shape. In the box you'll find the system, one controller, a mono headset (which can plug into the controller), a power cord, HDMI cable and USB cable for the controller. A generous package.

And that's your lot. The all new PlayStation 4 - which is so cool it actively looks like its trying to run away from you while sitting next to your television. With a significantly lower price point than the Xbox One at €500 and no need for a constant internet connection or PS Eye and simple game sharing options, Sony is looking to dominate the console wars this holiday season.

The Sony PlayStation 4 will be available before Christmas in the US, UK and Ireland and will be priced at $399, £349 and €399.

So, do you want one yet?!

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