PlayStation 4 Neo won't be at E3 2016


PlayStation 4 Neo won't be at E3 2016

Sony wil be launching a new PlayStation 4 in the not so distant future, and the so called Neo will support 4K gaming for some titles.

That much we know but there's no release date as yet, and it seems the new console won't be getting an airing at E3 2016. Andrew House, President and Global Chief Executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment, had said as much to the Financial Times, and that's a pretty definitive statement.

E3 would seem like the perfect place to unveil such a new device but it's also one with a lot of different companies competing for attention. The launch of a new console is a big deal so PlayStation likely wants to have their own stage.

It's also likely that the Neo isn't yet ready for a public airing. The idea of 4K gaming outside of PCs is still very much a new frontier, and they'll want to make sure the technology is perfect before a full demonstration.

The intention is to have both PS4 and the Neo being sold at the same time, and that games will be compatible with both. PlayStation has promised that most titles will have both a base version and a Neo version, giving gamers more choice.

We're expecting that there will be further incentives for picking up the 4K machine - maybe exclusive DLC or offers, but we'll have to wait and see how that all shapes up.

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