PlayStation Now Pricing is Insane - Renting a 6 Year Old Game Costs 15 Quid!!!


PlayStation Now Pricing is Insane - Renting a 6 Year Old Game Costs 15 Quid!!!

PlayStation Now is Sony's game streaming service and its in open beta in the States and Canada right now, with over 100 games on offer - you can see a full list of titles here.

While the idea behind being able stream classic games from your home console, Vita or even your Sony television (all planned down the line) the reality of the service at the moment has more than a few issues.

Like the fact that its only available in North America and we Irish won't get a whisper of it til 2015. And its currently only on PS4, with the games only selected from the PS3 era, and they'll only stream at 720p. The catalogue is also fairly limited right now, and severely lacking in new titles.

But the biggest problem, and its going to be a massive stumbling block for Sony, is the price structure. Rather than a subscription model (which may yet appear down the line) they've opted to charge a fee to essentially rent a title for streaming for a certain period - ranging from 4 hours to 90 days.

The notion is certainly a way to make more cash and might even be an attempt to limit streaming while the service is beingbut its far from what gamers were expecting. And its also ridiculously expensive. You'll pay 5 quid to play Deus Ex Human Revolution for just 4 hours (barely scratching the surface of the story) when you can buy the full game Director's Cut for 7 on Amazon.

It gets worse. Currently the downright decrepit Metal Gear Solid 4 (from 2008!) will run you 15 dollars for 90 days. You'll find half a dozen copies used at your local games store for half nothing. And what about gamers who love to play online? Are they expected to keep buying a game every month or three so they can keep shooting their friends in the face?

The PlayStation Now pricing is set to change and the games will hopefully improve. But until Sony brings something exceptional to the table - like a monthly fee that gets you access to a decent catalogue of older titles - I can't see any reason to get into the service. Especially when Sony's other product PlayStation Plus is priced so competitively and offers incredible value for money, including free games with no recurring rental fees.

If you're in America or Canada you can try PlayStation Now... now!

PlayStation Now Pricing is Insane - Renting a 6 Year Old Game Costs 15 Quid!!! on
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