PlayStation VR bundle sold out in 4 minutes


PlayStation VR bundle sold out in 4 minutes

PlayStation VR isn't set to arrive until October 2016 but anticipation is already reaching fever pitch. The launch bundle went up for pre order on Amazon just yesterday and stock was completely depleted in four minutes flat.

Four minutes! That's pretty impressive, especially for a system that isn't cheap - the pack cost $500 - and doesn't release for months. Sony PlayStation has obviously done a great job of getting the hype machine into gear very early, and it doesn't hurt that this system is much cheaper than rivals like Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

The UK Amazon store still has some left at £349.99 (€450) though this version doesn't include the PS Move controllrs or PlayStation camera.

Early interest at this level is impressive but of course there's no way of knowing how many units had in stock. It's quite possible that PlayStation only allowed a limited amount to be reserved to create extra anticipation and also to control the flow of stock in the run up to Christmas. And it's going to work - without a doubt the PS VR will be one of the must have items this holiday season, so you can expect to spend a part of Christmas watching people disappear behind awkward looking headsets.

The PlayStation VR is set for release in October 2016.

PlayStation VR bundle sold out in 4 minutes on
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