PlayStation VR dated - costs €400


PlayStation VR dated - costs €400

Sony has finally lifted the lid on the PlayStation VR - the headset which will offer up all the thrills of virtual reality to PlayStation 4 owners around the world.

The headset was fully revealed at the Game Developers Conference with a confirmed release date in October 2016. The official retail price is set to be $399 which should be rougly the same in Euros. Originally, Sony was aiming to release the system closer to the middle of the year and the delay is for a good reason - they want to have as many titles as possible ready to play at launch.

The PS VR will come in a delightful package with the following bits and pieces.

Now let's be clear - this is just a headset with a lot of cables - you'll need to have a PS4 console in order to do anything in VR, as well as a PlayStation Eye camera and two PS Move motion controllers. The aim is to have fifty games out by the end of 2016, which will be significantly more than what's on offer with either the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. And the price tag is significantly lower than either of those systems.

In addition, every player will get six free games at launch in the Playroom VR bundle.

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