PlayStation VR is making a profit already


PlayStation VR is making a profit already

PlayStation VR has only just launched, bringing the most accessible home VR system to people all over the world, provided they have a PS4, a camera and the Move Motion Controllers.

And it seems Sony PlayStation is already doing pretty well out of the system, with news that each unit sold is making some money for the manufacturer.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Shawn Layden was chatting with Polygon and confirmed: "We’re making money on the VR console."

That means each and every unit costs less to produce than it does at retail. How much more we can't be sure but it must be encouraging to know that the profit rolls in a little at a time for every sale.

It's not unusual for consoles to launch at a loss, with the high tech components inside pushing up the cost of production so much that manufacturers have to take a hit every time one is sold. Sony isn't playing that game with the PS VR.

PlayStation VR is making a profit already on
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