Pokemon Go could take a month to launch globally


Pokemon Go could take a month to launch globally

Pokemon Go added Portugal, Spain and Italy to its roster of countries this morning, bringing the total tally to eight. That means plenty more players who can access the official app, and many others who are still waiting for a patched version so it won't crash when they have a Ratata cornered.

Developer Niantic has been understandably quiet when it comes to announcing which countries will be coming next, for fear of missing a deadline and angering millions of fans. They're just tweeting when the app stores have been updated, which is a smart way of going about a launch like this.

Niantic's chief executive John Hanke has been chatting to Reuters and promises that the game will be coming to 200 markets 'relatively soon.' That's a carefully vague response but was coupled with an admission that Niantic's previous game Ingress took more than a month to reach that number of locations.

Ingress was a popular game but it's not Pokemon and there will be a lot of pressure on the company to scale up quickly, adding more servers to handle the considerable load as the game breaks download records around the world. Happily for long time Japanese fans, he admits that country is high on the agenda.

As for Ireland, the recent rollout of the official app to four European nations including Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK, bodes well - but they are all larger regions which might suggest the releases are happening based on population. The second the switch is flipped for Ireland, we'll have news.

In the meantime, you can always find a workaround to get the app installed, and we're hearing that you'll be able to keep your character provided it's on the same account.

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