Pokemon Go critters could disappear in Ireland- along with your progress!


Pokemon Go critters could disappear in Ireland- along with your progress!

Pokemon Go is only officially out in New Zealand, Australia and America. If you're playing it any other country it's through downloading a file from another service or tricking your app store into letting you grab the data early. And these films might not be secure.

It's important to note that you're playing in an area which hasn't been finalised by the development team. That can mean major server issues or content that doesn't display correctly but the issues could be much bigger.

For example, the game isn't yet out in Japan but players were able to get the American version working over the weekend. Now however all of the Pokemon which previously populated the local gameworld have completely disappeared, according to Kotaku.

This is a likely part of the ongoing testing and updating by Niantic to get the game ready for an official launch, and could actually be good news for Japanese fans, or it could just mean another delay is on the cards.

For those who are playing in Ireland this should act as a warning. There's no official local support for Pokemon Go here, so the Pokemon themselves could disappear at any time. More significantly, those users who are playing could have their collections and progress wiped when the game does go live, depending on how the transition is handled. If you're using an account from another region you might be locked into that version or potentially even banned from play - though that's seeming unlikely at this point.

So if you think you might be heavily invested in Pokemon Go in the future, it might be worth considering waiting until the official release of the app on iOS and Android, which is still coming 'soon'

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