Pokemon Go has earned a huge amount of money


Pokemon Go has earned a huge amount of money

Pokemon Go has reached a new milestone, being downloaded more than 30 million times according to online sources.

And it's also quite the money spinner too, with a report suggesting that the game has earned in excess of $35 (€32) million. The base game itself is totally free to download and play but you can use real world money to buy extra items to help with your quest.

This includes new Pokeballs, an additional egg incubator, more room for storing items and Pokemon and a whole lot else besides.

100 Pokecounts costs €0.99 and that will net you 20 Pokeballs or a single incense and some change. Or you can go mad and spend 100 real world quid to get 14,500 coins and just buy up loads of incense, lures and lucky eggs to massively increase your XP gain. We'd have to go for storage if we were going to get an upgrade, with the backpack frequently running out of space.

Of course you can play the game entirely free and it's still pretty fun, but this kind of revenue makes it clear that plenty of people are willing to shell out to be the very best.

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