Pokemon Go has has over 100 million downloads


Pokemon Go has has over 100 million downloads

Pokemon Go just can't stop, with more than 100 million confirmed and official downloads since it released just four weeks ago.

This only includes those who have downloaded the game from the official app store, not the many folks who used a sideloaded version while they were waiting for the game to release, and this is before it has even arrived in major territories like China and India.

This is also just the figure for the Google Play Store, with Apple still unwilling to confirm the figures for the iTunes store. They did admit that the game had more downloads in its first week than any other app in the history of the store.

That also means that it's going to be a significant earner for developers Niantic and also the stores themselves, with Apple taking around 30 percent of each microstransation within the app.

And all of this despite fan backlash at the changes being made by the developer which have managed to break some of the important elements of the game, including making it harder to both find and catch Pokemon. More as we get it.

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