Pokemon Go Irish release delayed- here's why


Pokemon Go Irish release delayed- here's why

Pokemon Go is a new game for Android and iOS which let's you use your phone's camera to search around the real world for Pokemon presented via augmented reality. It's a genius idea that works really well and the game itself is free (with in-app transactions) so it has become massively successful just days after release.

The game is breaking download and sales records in the countries where it is available already, including the US, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, but other countries are waiting on an official version of the app. If you're on Android you can play it early with these steps but many still want to get the real app to ensure they're not stung with malware or bans.

So why can't we get that official version in Ireland? Well mostly its down to the popularity of the new game. As millions of users log in around the world, the servers are getting massively overloaded. That's leading to plenty of outages and slow performance for the first round of excited trainers, which is resulting in a poor experience during this early phase.

Develope Niantic is working hard to overcome these issues, presumably by buying up extra servers to handle the load, but in the meantime they've put any further expansion of the game on hold. As for when it might happen, the word is 'soon...'

This is all extra complicated because the servers are having to cope with official downloads of the app and also those on Android who are not in the activated regions. We dipped into a version in Ireland and the gyms Pokestops and creatures themselves are all populated and working, so the information is there, further adding to the traffic load, likely sourced from servers which aren't located close to Ireland.

We wouldn't be surprised if it takes a while for these issues to be ironed out, and a European rollout of the game is just going to have to wait. In the meantime, you can get started early on Android but know that there's a chance your progress could be wiped, or just sit back and be patient.

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