Pokemon Go is harder now- it's not just you!


Pokemon Go is harder now- it's not just you!

It has been quite the few weeks for Pokemon Go, becoming one of the biggest apps of all time and getting some serious fallout for being broken or frustrating or both.

Developers Niantic Labs are continuing to throw out updates while also spreading the app to more and more countries around the world. Some of the fixes are good, others... less so.

For example you may have noticed recently that Pokemon are more difficult to catch, with a lot more jumping and generally evading your Poke balls. This is common to all Pokemon regardless of CP and makes things a good deal more challenging. Well it's not just you!

Users around the world are noticing that each and every capture is taking more effort, which equates to more Poke balls used and much more chance of ending up with none when that rare Pokemon pops up. That's good news for the developers as you can pay real world money to get more balls if you're stuck but bad news for actual users.

On top of that it seems the app now scans every 10 seconds for new Pokemon instead of every 5 seconds. That doesn't make a huge difference if you're walking but if you're jogging or cycling large areas will go unscanned.

At this point, Niantic is already facing major backlash for its changes and the continuing issue with the base game, leading to thousands of negative reviews and customers leaving the game in their droves and requesting refunds. It's huge turnaround from the positive sentiment of just a few weeks back, and a sign that the developer needs to take a good long look at their future plans for changes and, most importantly, communicate better with users about what they're doing and why.

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