Pokemon Go is HUGE- bigger than Tinder and topping the app stores


Pokemon Go is HUGE- bigger than Tinder and topping the app stores

Pokemon Go quietly launched in New Zealand and Australia last week and also filtered out the US and Japanese markets shortly afterwards. And it is becoming absolutely massive.

Server issues were quickly experienced, especially when intrepid Android users around the world figured out how to download the game in areas like Ireland, where it isn't officially released yet. Now the international rollout has been put on hold while developers Niantic try to get their resources in order.

So how big is it so far? Well the game is topping the charts on Android and iOS in the US and in one day the user base on Android was higher than that of the massively popular dating app Tinder. As of last week, more than 5 percent of ALL handsets running Android in the United States had the app installed!

It doesn't stop there - as Pokemon Go is also making shedloads of money thanks to microtransactions that let you earn more Pokeballs or extra items to make your hunting easier. Just a few hours after release it was the highest grossing app on the US market, atop titles like Clash of Clans. Nintendo and Niantic has a ridiculous hit on their hands, and it won't be long before you see people in Ireland running around after virtual Pokemon.

There's no official release date for Pokemon Go in Ireland yet, but you can get it early on Android. Beware of malware when downloading unofficial apps.

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