Pokemon Go is used more than Facebook daily


Pokemon Go is used more than Facebook daily

Pokemon Go has been out for around a month, and reports suggest it's still going strong.

This is admit fan backlash at a number of changes and additions in recent days, including the removal of an internal method of locating Pokemon. The reaction has been quite extreme from some vocal fans but it seems that most people are still enjoying the game.

Data site Sensor Tower has been putting together some figures for the app and they've found that in-game time has actually increased since the update. Apple users in the United States are now logging more than 26 minutes a day on average.

The even bigger news is that figure is higher than the average amount of time people are spending on Facebook, which rests at around 23 minutes. Yes you heard that right, Pokemon is bigger than Facebook!

Now partly that has to do with the mechanics of the app, which requires that a user have it open permanently to log steps and register Pokemon as they appear. That's pretty different to the way people dip in and out of Facebook, and a great way to increase logged in time.

Still it's an utterly incredibly surge from an app that's just a matter of weeks old, and we're also hearing that it has earned in excess of $160 million (€145 million) in the same time period.

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