Pokemon Go Locator now works in Ireland!


Pokemon Go Locator now works in Ireland!

The Pokemon are still out there, lurking in every corner of your world. Wherever will they pop up next?!

Forget that potentially disturbing thought for a moment and revel in the welcome news that the Nearby feature has finally arrived in Ireland. After intially launching with a method for finding out exactly which Pokemon were in your area, the feature was nixed by developers Niantic for basically not really working very well.

That was months ago, and in the meantime users have been left with a vague system that doesn't give any indication of where your next creature is. And this is in a game where the primary aim is to find these creatures!

Anyway, the latest update to the game brings in Nearby for Irish fans, after months of testing in areas like San Francisco. It's a slightly different method to what came before - basically there's a button at the bottom right which takes you to the Nearby screen.

In there you'll find the Pokemon which are relatively near to where you are now but they're associated with a Pokestop - which means they're hanging out close to one. There's a picture of the Pokestop on this screen, and you can tap it to be shown where it is in relation to you.

It's not a bad idea in theory but in practise it's a little less helpful. Clearly the whole thing has been designed with an urban centre in mind, as even in Sandyford we're not exactly close to the nearest Pokestop. Still if there's a Pokemon you haven't got, maybe you'll be willing to make the trek. We're just hoping you don't see this in the meantime.

The Pokemon Go update is live now.

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