Pokemon Go officially out in Germany – Ireland soon?


Pokemon Go officially out in Germany – Ireland soon?

Pokemon Go is massive, which is all the more impressive given how few countries it's officially out in.

We're still waiting on the augmented reality game to appear on Android and iOS in a whole bunch of countries including Ireland, and there's some good news on that front.

That's the first proper release for the game in any part of Europe, which surely bodes well for the rollout in Ireland in the not so distant future. It's a bit of a strange country to pick, with a large population of 81 million, especially when areas like Japan have been ignored to date - a place where Pokemon is practically a religion.

The official channels have been overloaded trying to deal with the demand for the game, especially as so many users are overloading the servers around the world. It was originally thought that most regions would unlock by mid July but developers Niantic are finding it next to impossible to keep up.

As for the release in Ireland, there's no official word just yet but we'll update as soon as we hear anything.

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