Pokemon Go player catches them all!


Pokemon Go player catches them all!

A Pokémon Go player in the US has become the first to fill his Pokédex with every critter available in the game.

Redditor ftb_hodor's collection includes 142 Pokémon and was accomplished after walking an incredible 153.2km. He said that of the regular 150 Pokémon (not including Mew), "five Pokémon aren't in the game yet and three region-locked and not available in the US."

He is currently missing Farfetch'd, Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan (exclusive to Asia, Europe and Australia respectively), plus the three legendary birds, Ditto and Mewtwo.

Jokingly, he said that he's already got flights booked to Europe and Asia so that he can go the full nine yards, before adding, "Just kidding, I have no plans to go after region locked ones. I believe they're truly region locked."

He added, "Have talked to hundreds of people who have similar level or Pokédex to me. Even if they are available in eggs, by time I get them I'm sure trading will be out and it will be moot." To be fair, it would be a good excuse for a holiday, and there's no doubt that he would see plenty of wherever he goes to considering how far he's walked to date.

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