Pokemon Go player crashes car into a school


Pokemon Go player crashes car into a school

So Pokemon Go is getting people out and exercising but it also seems to be encouraging some really stupid behaviour from some people.

A 19 year old in Australia was playing Pokemon Go while driving, and wouldn't you know it he managed to crash his car. But this fellow did it in style, by cruising through a roundabout, busting open a fence and continuing on until he ended up inside a classroom.

Yep, this guy crashed into St Francis Xavier's College in Victoria while trying to catch virtual Pokemon on his phone. The incident happened around 7pm in the evening and no one was hurt. which is at least good news.

According to local site The Age, the police involved pretty much took the piss out of the idiot involved, which seems only right and fair. Their statements are pretty hilarious:

"The 19-year-old did not level up nor collect any stardust or candies only debris from the crash, Any 'Poke balls', eggs or potions the driver may have had remaining only attracted police, leaving the wild Pokemon for another day."

Seriously folks, don't play Pokemon while driving because there's always a chance someone else is doing the same thing, and that's a recipe for a much sadder news story.

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