Pokemon Go player finishes the game- here's what happens


Pokemon Go player finishes the game- here's what happens

Pokemon Go is a huge game once you really start to dig into it, with plenty to learn about gyms and training and more on the way from developer Niantic once they've got the global rollout completed.

Players have been working their way through the game and finding it particularly hard past level 30 to make any progress as the XP requirements are so high. That is unless you're a person called _problemz on Reddit who has managed to hit level 40.

Yes level 40 and it turns out that's currently the end of the game to all intents and purposes. It's the hard level cap, which means no matter how much more XP you pick up you won't increase in level, making the activities of the game pointless.

How many points did it take to get from level 39 to 40? A grand 5 million, that's 5.000.000. When you consider Pokestop only grants 50 XP normally, so you'd have to wander through 100 thousands of the suckers to reach this level.

In a long Reddit post, the user talks about how they managed the feat and what happens at this end goal. Firstly it's important to know that they cheated- using a bot to farm the game and earn an average of 280,000 XP every hour. Still with a full 20 million points needed to get to the end, that would amount to more than 70 hours of continuous play.

At level 40 you get a whole lot of hyperballs, max potions, revives, razzberies, and four of each extra items- incense, lucky eggs, incubators and lure modules.

It's a pretty meagre amount really, and also a bit pointless as most of them are about XP gain and there's no more to be found. This pretty much confirms that Niantic will raise the level cap at some point in the future, probably when they also introduce some new Pokemon.

It's interesting to hear about the endgame currently planned, and also just as clear that the developers didn't imagine anyone would get there so soon. Presumably it won't be long before something a little more engaging happens at that late stage, though it's going to take some time for a regular player to get that far.

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