Pokemon Go Plus coming- better battery life and convenience


Pokemon Go Plus coming- better battery life and convenience

You've probably heard of Pokemon Go right now, the augmented reality app that's sweeping around the world with tens of millions of players all wandering around madly swiping and tapping their phones to find new Pokemon or take down a nearby gym.

It's kind of a big deal but can be quite the chore to play as it requires your phone screen to be on at all times to get the full experience. Thankfully there's an official peripheral on the way which is going to make things a bit easier.

The Pokemon Go Plus is a badge like device which connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows for basic interactions with the app. So the Plus will virbrate and glow when you're near a Pokestop and you can tap to search. It will also send an alert when you're near a Pokemon and you can press the button to throw a Poke Ball. If you're successful, the Plus will let you know.

It's not totally clear yet but we're also going to assume that wearing the Plus (on your wrist or jumper) keeps the app awake enough to log steps, which is a much more efficient way than having the screen on at all times, and will make a huge difference to battery life.

The functionality is all extremely basic though, especially when it comes to catching Pokemon as you can't use any advanced items or techniques, and the Plus won't let you even try to catch new creatures for your Pokedex. It also looks a bit huge and ridiculous, especially when worn around the wrist like a watch.

Still fans of the game might want to wear it like a badge of honor and anything which makes the process more efficient is a good thing. Now for the bad news- the Pokemon Go Plus is set to cost around €35 and there's no confirmed release date. The initial batch has already sold out in the UK, where it is said to be landing in August 2016.

It is thought the peripheral will be out in the States on the 31st of July, where all pre order stock has also sold out, prompting some users to sell them for up to 400 quid on eBay!

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