Pokemon Go Plus out next week- press button to win


Pokemon Go Plus out next week- press button to win

Pokemon Go is still out there, bringing in millions of players to collect items and Pokemon and take on gyms for their own personal glory.

And now it's about to get even easier to play with the Pokemon Go Plus. This is a little accessory you can wear around your wrist or clipped to your clothes that interacts with the app without having to turn on your phone screen.

It connects over a low energy Bluetooth smart which should be a big help to battery life and uses lights and vibration to let you know when you're near a Pokestop or even a strange invisible creatures.

Then you can just press the button to collect your goodies or even tap to try to capture the Pokemon. You won't actually know if you've suceeded until you open the app though, making this peripheral quite limited in scope.

It is useful for those who have found themselves overly distracted by the act of playing the game, where you essentially have to keep the screen open constantly. Presumably the Plus will also log your steps so you can hatch eggs without having the phone unlocked.

Mostly this seems like a good way to preserve battery life (Pokemon Go is a real energy hog) and let you get out and about and still interact with other humans rather than constantly tapping your app.

It looks a bit garish and silly, clearly it's not really aimed at adults, but you could always keep it in your pocket.

The Pokemon Go Plus is out on the 16th of September, 2016. It's not totally clear where you're supposed to buy them but we'll udpate when we have news.

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