Pokemon Go update explained- here are the changes


Pokemon Go update explained- here are the changes

Pokemon Go continues to be a massive success but popular opinion is starting to turn to the negative as developers Niantic continue to be all but silent in light of some serious bugs.

The latest update was issued at the weekend and the people behind the game have brought out some further information on the changes. You can see the official info below.

Given how popular the app has become it must be a considerable project just keeping it live with millions of daily users. That said, many people are still experiencing problems in the game and the removal of the 3 step display is a particularly sore point.

Essentially it makes it impossible to actually track and locate specific Pokemon, which is the entire point of the game. It's also the kind of thing which becomes more important to higher level players as they get fed up seeing the same Pidgeys and Rattatas everywhere they look.

The second point suggests that the company is blocking access by those apps which were making it easier to find Pokemon, which is another poor move. There's also a reference to how vocal Brazilian fans have been, given that they're still waiting for an official release.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction for Niantic and their communication on Pokemon Go but the language is still a bit negative, and they could seriously do with hiring a full time community manager before they start to lose users in their droves.

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