Pokemon National Championship dates announced!


Pokemon National Championship dates announced!
The Pokemon National Championships are approaching, with dates and locations announced for each of the participating regions. Check out the details for your region right here!

More than thirty countries around the world are preparing to host the Pokemon National Championships over the course of the next few months. On a total of six continents and with thousands of players looking to attend, there is no better place to test your skills as a Pokemon trainer. Players who attend the National Championships will have the chance to prove themselves worthy of an invitation to the 11th annual Pokemon World Championships in Washington, DC. Some of the National Championships will feature both Pokemon X/Y and the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG), while some others will only be hosting the TCG. Some of the key locations are listed below, while all the National Championship locations can be viewed in the article image.

  • 2014 Pokémon German National Championships: May 3rd – 4th, 2014, in Bochum, Germany
  • 2014 Pokémon UK National Championships: May 24th – 25th, 2014, in Manchester, England
  • 2014 Pokémon Italian National Championships: May 31st – June 1st, 2014, in Milan, Italy
  • 2014PokémonCanadian National Championships: June 28th, 2014, in Kitchener, Ontario
  • 2014 Pokémon US National Championships: July 4th - 6th, 2014, in Indianapolis, Indiana

For more information on dates, locations and featured games, visit the official announcement right here. Hope to see you there!

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