Poor rapha keeps getting fragged in Quake Live's Steam trailer


Poor rapha keeps getting fragged in Quake Live's Steam trailer

Quake Live is hitting the free-to-play market on Steam today and its trailer consists primarily of rapha, one of the world’s best players, getting fragged over and over again.

The trailer consists of some high-level play with moments that make Quake truly special. There are air rocket kills, amazing railgun shots, and lightning quick movements. However, the game hopes to cater for a variety of skill levels.

Quake Live’s upcoming release has been tweaked since its days as a standalone browser-based game. Some of these changes, which seem tailored to newer players, have riled up experienced fans of the title. They include the ability to bunny hop automatically by holding forward and jumping, loadouts in select modes, and timers for major items. We’re in favour of some changes being made, a point we made in the past. The Classic ruleset is also available and duel servers will default to this, acting as the true battleground to prove your 1v1 skill.

Quake Live will hit Steam later today. Who knows, maybe you too can frag rapha at will…though we wouldn’t count on it!

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