Prey 2 is real - from the makers of Dishonored


Prey 2 is real - from the makers of Dishonored

You'd have to be pretty old to remember Prey now, a game that debuted in 2006 but became a mythical item in the 90s for constantly being developed and shelved and teased and abandoned.

Unlike Duke Nukem Forever the final game was actually a lot of fun and had to do with aliens and portals and a native American protagonist with the excellent name of Domasi "Tommy" Tawodi who is abducted and has to fight back.

Pretty much ever since there have been rumours of a possible Prey 2, with the franchise somehow suffering from massive delays and internal problems yet again. Now it's been another 10 years and there's no sign of a new game, but that's all about to change.

Prey 2 is actually called Prey and it's a totally real game with a new developer and a release date, or at least a timeframe.

Here's the reveal trailer.

Not so much with the information there, but its set in the not so distant future and those experiments are sure to leave you with some interesting powers. And given that the game is going to be made by Arkane Studios (the folks behind Dishonored) you'll be using those powers to kill in inventive ways.

Originally the sequel was supposed to be about a human bounty hunter on an alien world (which sounds cool, and more in keeping with the tone of the original) but we'll take a released game over a cancelled rumour anyday.

Prey will be story driven and is set to arrive on consoles and PC some time in 2017.

Prey 2 is real - from the makers of Dishonored on
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