Project Beast to be From Software's Next Title?


Project Beast to be From Software's Next Title?
Rumours of studio's first post-Dark Souls II release hit the net...

With the PC version of Dark Souls II releasing towards the end of April, Japanese development studio From Software brought to a close another chapter in the already incredibly popular series, so news that they've begun work on an all new title shouldn't prove to be too much of a surprise for people - however the fact that it appears to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive might raise a few eyebrows.

The leaks come from a user named Herla over at popular gaming and industry message board NeoGAF and were posted with the caveat that they were found on 4chan, and come without any guarantee of authenticity.

As you can see from the images, they certainly appear to be the handiwork of the team over at From Software, with a very similar look and feel to the visuals found within Demon's/Dark Souls. The information was accompanied by some very vague text, assumedly posted by the image's originator while speaking about the game, which reads:

he walked around

fought enemies

i can describe a giant mindflayer type enemy

a character placing a shining magic sword into a pedestal at the base of a statue

a huge pyromancy fireball


there was text "This is a nightmare."

Is it true? Possibly. One thing's for sure, those screenshots are DEFINITELY from a game. The chances of them being courtesy of a clever trickster are almost nil due to the amount of effort that would have to have gone into creating them and making them fit so well with the From Software style. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll see the game any time soon, though, but if we were betting folk, we'd guess this one might be set up for an E3 reveal next month!

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