PS3 Firmware 4.50 Goes Live Today


PS3 Firmware 4.50 Goes Live Today
Brings PlayStation Plus functionality to everyone!

The latest update to the PlayStation 3 firmware goes live today with version 4.50. Along with all the usual changes under the hood, there are a couple of additions that'll be of particular interest to those of you who haven't yet jumped aboard the good ship PlayStation Plus.

The first is that all consoles, whether attached to a PS Plus account or not, will be able to download system updates automatically, saving you the hassle of turning on your machine and hitting the download button yourself. Additionally, players can also look forward to the prospect of purchasing games online via the web store and having them download automatically to their console - so you'll be able to pick up your favourite titles online at work, and then have them ready to play by the time you get home that evening, which is pretty swanky we're sure you'll agree.

For Vita owners, this latest firmware has finally added the ability to transfer files to and from the handheld device wirelessly, so you won't have to waste precious moments trying to remember where on earth you left your Vita charging cable any more.

To wrap up the update, Sony has also added privacy settings for trophies, so users can choose which ones they'd like to share with their friends, and which should remain visible.

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