PS4 gets free HDR update this week


PS4 gets free HDR update this week

We're at a pretty interesting time in the console life cycle, with new models from Microsoft and Sony that not only make for a slimmer profile but also add new features like 4K video output and better graphics.

Considering it has only been three years since these systems launch and that MS has an entirely new platform, Scorpio, due next year, it's hard to know exactly what kind of effect this is going to have on the market.

For the moment, Sony is offering an entirely free update to existing PlayStation 4 consoles which will bring high dynamic range visuals to the console. That's landing today, bringing something from the Xbox One S to Sony fans.

From a PR perspective adding this feature is pretty important but it's likely to mean very little to most players. That's because the vast majority of people don't even really know what HDR is, and only a tiny percentage of the population has access to the hardware needed to run it.

You could say that these manufacturers are looking to future proof their hardware options, but it's still the content - the games - which is going to decide how this console mid-generation goes.

Get the PS4 update today.

PS4 gets free HDR update this week on
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