PS4 Sales Can't Halt Sony's Financial Woes


PS4 Sales Can't Halt Sony's Financial Woes
As expected, Sony's latest financials aren't happy reading...

The PlayStation 4 may have been a massive success since its launch back in November of last year, with the console massively outselling its next-gen rival, Microsoft's Xbox One, but parent company Sony hasn't been having an easy time of it this year financially.

As expected by early forecasts, the company has posted an overall loss of around $1.29 billion for the last financial year. Those figures come in spite of the fact that sales revenue has actually increased by just under 15%. While the company has had several mitigating factors to take into account over the past year, including the offloading of its PC business and the sale or closure of several offices, big questions are being asked of management following the release of the official figures.

Fortunately, it doesn't look like this will have any adverse affect on the future of the company's gaming division, with PS4 sales expected to continue on their current track. Launching a console is never cheap, and that's another additional expense that needs to be factored into last year, but with hardware sales up almost across the board for the company, it looks like the investment has paid off.

One area of concern could be the continued poor performance of the PlayStation Vita, however, as numbers show no signs of increasing, and just 3.5 million sold units being predicted for the coming year (and, it's worth noting, that number includes previous-gen device, the PSP).

Ultimately, it looks as though Sony's gaming division will post a profit for the coming year, which should remove any lingering concerns about its future.

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