PS4 Sales Continue to Outpace Xbox One


PS4 Sales Continue to Outpace Xbox One
Microsoft will be hoping for turnaround in fortunes with Kinect-less Xbox One from June...

The latest console sales figures have been released by tracking service NPD, and once again they make disappointing reading for Microsoft, whose Xbox One console has been outsold by Sony's PlayStation 4 for the fourth consecutive month in North American retail.

Microsoft's console managed to shift 115,000 units, which means that April was a reasonably solid month for the device, all things considered, however Sony rarely gives any indication of its precise sales figures for any given month, so it's not yet known how many more units it sold - although it was definitely in excess of the One's sales according to NPD.

Software sales, on the other hand, were kind to Microsoft in April, with an impressive 447,000 Xbox One titles flying off the shelves on top of 2.2 million Xbox 360 titles.

When compared to the sales figures for previous generation hardware, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been hugely successful, with their combined sales more than doubling those of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 over a similar time period, while software sales are up 40% using the same comparisons.

There's good news for Nintendo, too, as Wii U sales have seen an increase in around 80% when compared to this time last year, which has most likely been helped by the amount of top quality games hitting the system over the past six months.

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