Psychonauts 2 is actually happening - back it now!


Psychonauts 2 is actually happening - back it now!

Did you play Psychonauts? This weird and wonderful platformer was released back in 2005 by Double Fine Productions - before they became the company that blew up Kickstarter with their adventure game Broken Age.

With a great story and graceful gameplay, it was about a boy who becomes a psychic secret agent and ends up going on a very strange adventure which involves plunging headlong into people's brains, and sliding down a lot of things. That title was fairly underrated at the time of release but has picked up plenty of fans since to become more than just a cult hit. And now, it's coming back.

Psychonauts 2 is happening!

Here's the one and only Tim Schaefer with more.

So they're back on crowdfunding (which worked out... ok last time) to get more money from you to make a sequel to a game that some of you might have played. They're looking for $3.3 million which is just the first part of the funding puzzle that will amount to over $10 million in order to make the game happen.

For your monies, you get all sorts of things including copies of the game on PC and console, soundtrack downloads, physical rewards, paintings and the chance to visit Tim and co in the US - though you'll have to pay for transport and things like that. For 10 grand you can go camping with Double Fine. Which sounds pretty cool.

The only bad news is that they're aiming for the end of 2018 for release, which isn't surprising when it comes to making a major game like this. It's probably a good bit more realistic than the original target for Broken Age anyway.

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