Published Beyond: Two Souls date incorrect


Published Beyond: Two Souls date incorrect
Ellen Page's thriller left without release date.
Sony was forced into swift action after a release date for Beyond: Two Souls was posted on the official game page and spotted by fans. The date listed was May 25th, 2013, but the page has since been updated to simply read, “2013.” An IGN reader provided the tip and screengrab. The additional information states that the game is rated M for Mature, will not feature online play, and will not support 3D.

However, Sony stated that it has not announced a release date for the title just yet outside of the broad 2013 time slot. A representative added, “In fact, David Cage recently shared that the title is preparing for the alpha version so the date reported on the product site is incorrect and has since been updated."

May 25th is a Saturday, which indicates in itself that the date listed is incorrect or simply acting as a placeholder. At the same time, it is strange that such a specific release date was posted rather than simply listing the month or a date at the beginning of a quarter.

The release from Heavy Rain developers Quantic Dream had a lot of people excited when it was initially revealed at E3. Beyond: Two Souls puts players in control of Jodie Holmes, who is empowered with various abilities thanks to her ghostly companion. The game follows Holmes through 15 years of her life with decisions early on affecting how the story unfolds. We are promised “incredible challenges against a backdrop of emotionally-charged events never before seen in a video game,” but sadly we will have to wait until some time in 2013 to see how things unfold.

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