Quantic Dream has a surprise for us


Quantic Dream has a surprise for us

Quantic Dream is the company behind Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls and they just finished showing off their latest game Detroit Become Human at E3 2016.

It was a hugely impressive demo and the team will be hard at work putting the extra polish on the game that we expect from the French developer, ahead of its as yet unnanounced release date.

Before that, they've got a surprise in store...

There are no more clues to be had, so it's time for idle speculation! The simplest guess would be an official release date for Detroit, though it would be strange to confirm it so soon after the massive E3 demo. Maybe we'll find out that it's actually coming this year - a three year gap is the same stretch as we experienced between Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.

Other than that, we could be seeing something like a remaster of Fahrenheit, though a remastered version was already released to PC in 2015 - maybe a console version? Or, and this is highly unlikely, they could be bringing back the utterly insane Omikron the Nomad Soul, which originally released in 1999 and featured a weirdly performance captured David Bowie.

Maybe the team has been working on another smaller title they could release in the meantime, or a playable demo of Detroit is possible - the E3 footage like it was well polished and journalists have been getting hands on time this week.

It's all just speculation for the moment, tune in at 2am Irish time on the 17th of June for full details!

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