Rainbow Six Siege beta suffers last minute delay


Rainbow Six Siege beta suffers last minute delay

Right now we're supposed to be getting stuck into an open beta for Rainbox Six Siege, but a major issue has put paid to any multiplayer tactical assaults.

The beta was due to launch on the 25th of November and was open to everyone on PS4, Xbox One and PC but it was delayed at the last minute by Ubisoft. Apparently there are major connectivity issues with the online matchmaking, and players are being disconnected on all platforms.

In the hours since then, the beta has been officially postponed and an official forum post has explained some of the problems behind the scenes. The gist is that a fix which was introduced for another part of the game somehow caused a ripple effect of problems with connectivity for online games. Which is sort of an issue when your game is primarily an online multiplayer title.

The problem is across all platforms currently and they're working on a fix with the Xbox One version likely to be the first to be finalised. Ubisoft is adamant that the final version of the game, which is supposed to launch on the 1st of December, will be free from these issues and that the beta was an opportunity to test for exactly these kinds of reasons.

Another update is expected at 10am Eastern time, which is 3pm GMT. It's not yet known if the open beta will proceed, at this point Ubisoft's time might be better spent getting the retail release finalised.

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